Notice of TAMAA Webshop newly opened

Thank you for your continued patronage of the S-Inc brand.

Today, October 15, 2022 TAMAA Webshop was opened and relocated from the S-Inc Fashion Store.

TAMAA handles T.KUNITOMO & GOUK, Moriguchika and Mint Neko brand.

This time, we added Yamato Transport / Cat Pos and courier compact as delivery methods to ship lightweight luggage.

It is easy to purchase light products such as T-shirts, masks, and accessories.

■ About the information to be transferred

All customers should proceed to the new registration procedure.


・ Those who have purchased by TAMAA brands after January 1, 2020
Move your email address, name, and main (address, phone number information) to the new site.
The password information is encrypted and cannot be carried over to the new site.
Please set it up by reissue.


Please proceed to new account registration normally.
If there is information carried over Account enabling procedure Will be.

Regarding the migrated information, it is only one of the main addresses, so please be sure to check the information after logging in.

・ Those who purchased before January 1, 2020, those who have no purchase history
We will not transfer information, please register as a new registration.


We look forward to your continued support of TAMAA and handling brands.

All TAMAA staff

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