Terms of service

TAMAA Web SHOPWhen registering your account, you need to agree with the following terms of use.
These agreements are Internet shopping sites "TAMAA Web SHOP] It will be adapted to all customers who are shopping.

Notation for business owners

Dealer name:TAMAA LLC
Representative: Tamami Ariizumi
Management administrator: Tamami Ariizumi, Yukio Koboi
location:2-43, Daisawa, Setagaya -ku, Tokyo

Inquiries E-mail:shop@tamaa.me

Shipping center
Chiba Shipping Center: 220-8 Shinminato Mihama-ku , Chiba City, Chiba ,Japan

First1Range and change of the article books
This agreement is "TAMAA Web SHOP(Less than"Web shop"It's called)Regarding the use of, with the customerWeb shop"TAMAA", the operator of(The following is called "our company".)It shall be applied between.
These agreements can be changed at any time at our convenience.

First2ArticlesWeb shopUse of

  1. The customer shall use this service according to the Terms and the rules specified separately by the Company.
  2. We do not obtain prior consent to our customers.Web shopThe contents of "can be changed or stopped.
  3. Customers will use this service to their own name, date of birth, postal code, address, telephone number, email address(Below, personal information)Is to be registered accurately.
  4. In principle, the use of this service18It is targeted for users over the age.18If you are under the age, please use it after obtaining the permission of the parental authority.
  5. however18Even if you are under age, if you are married18I will consider it over the age.

First3Purchase of goods

    1. Customers, "Web shopYou can purchase products from our company.
    2. If you wish to purchase a product, you will enter accurate contents and order according to the methods and conditions specified by the Company. When the order of order arrives at the Company, the order will be effective and the sales contract will be established.
    3. However, if there is a problem, such as illegal, false or violation of the terms, the Company shall take appropriate measures, such as canceling the sales contract and suspending the use of customers who have had a problem.
    4. Web shopIs will be delivered to Japan using Yamato Transport. Shipments outside Japan are from Japan Post EmsUPSWe will deliver it using.
    5. Since the shipment of products is used to ship the product in Japan, it is not possible to stop the delivery company sales office or post office.
    6. In rare cases, the product may not be possible due to out of stock or discontinuation. In that case, the product will be canceled. Orders do not guarantee the purchase.
    7. The total order amount that has not been paid is ""Web shopIf we judge that there is a problem based on the use of the use, we may call the user by phone or e -mail.
    8. The Company shall be able to cancel the order to the customer who has decided that there is a problem without obtaining the prior consent.

First4About the payment method and payment

    1. You can use either "online card payment" or "convenience store payment" for payment of "Webshop".

      "Convenience store settlement"
      This is a method of paying the price from a terminal such as a convenience store. The payment of the price will be paid in advance, and the product will be shipped after payment is confirmed. Please pay the price within 3 days from the next day when ordering. Please note that if the payment is delayed without contact, we may cancel your order without obtaining your consent in advance.
      It can be used only from Japan.

  1. The maximum amount of convenience store payment is 300,000 yen.

    "Online card payment"
    This is a method of paying online using a credit card when your order is confirmed. Payment will be completed when the order procedure is completed, so we will not accept your order change or cancellation. If you order incorrectly, please contact "Webshop" by e -mail or telephone. If the customer's contact is delayed, you may not be able to respond to cancellation, etc.

  • About the amount paid other than the product price
    "Consumption tax": small, shipping, 10 % of consumption tax.
    "Convenience store payment fee": 190 yen (tax included)

First5Cancellation of order and return of products

  1. Returns are only in principle when we recognize the defective product or incorrect delivery. If there is stock, if there is no stock, if there is no stock, the credit card payment will be offset, and the product price will be refunded by transfer or registered mail.
  2. Customer reasons(example Unlike the image, the size does not match)Returns is provided as our service. At that time, the cost of returned and refund will be borne by the customer. In fact, products purchased by stores and mail order are not eligible for cooling off.
  3. When returning, you shall contact us by email or telephone, obtain confirmation, and follow the method specified by the Company.
  4. The deadline for return contact is after receiving the product,8Within the day, the arrival deadline for returned goods14It will be within the day. If the deadline has passed, you will not be able to accept returns in principle.

First6Display of product prices and information

  1. Web shopIs the best effort to display accurate product information. If the wrong price information of the product is displayed on the site, we will adjust the price as follows.
  2. The correct price of the product is ""Web shopIf it is lower than the price displayed in ", we will request it at the lower price.
  3. The correct price of the product is ""Web shopIf it is higher than the price displayed in "," "Web shop Depending on the discretion of, we will contact you before shipping, check the price, and then ask for instructions on the product shipment, or cancel your order, and notify you. I will do it.


  1. Customers, "Web shopYou cannot use any information to be obtained from the use as a customer, and you cannot act that can be copied, reprinted, distributed, sold, modified, or other copyright infringement.

First8Management of information

  1. We do not disclose the personal information of the user to third parties without consent.
  2. However, it excludes that the disclosure is requested by laws and regulations or public institutions, and when outsourcing to a partner organization.
  3. Also,"Web shopExcept for the use of courier services, mail, e -mails, etc. to provide and guide the service, except when statistics at our company.

First9Provision of information
We say, "Web shopProduct information, event information, etc. can be provided by e -mail or direct mail to customers registered in. However, if the customer indicates the intention to suspend the provision, the Company shall immediately suspend the provision.

First10"Article"Web shop

  1. We say, "Web shop"To maintain", "" "" "" "Web shopSome or everything can be stopped.
  2. Web shopWe cannot guarantee any events caused by the cancellation.

First11Article disclaimer

  1. We, the customer, "Web shopWe are not responsible for any damages caused by being unable to use. However, it is excluded in the case of our intentional or heavy negligence.
  2. Customer"Web shopIf you give any inconvenience or damage to other customers or third parties, you will be resolved at your own responsibility and expenses, and we will not cause any nuisance or damage to the Company. increase.
  3. We say, "Web shopWe are paying close attention to the information provided in, but if there is an error, it will be corrected to a faster, and it does not guarantee the content of the content.
  4. Web shopIf the customer suffers any damage, we will.5Except for the exchange of products based on the Article, we shall not be liable for damages.

First12Article prohibited and its response
Web shopCustomers who use "shall not perform the following acts, in which case we may respond as follows.

  1. When a false register of personal information is made
  2. When registration of other people's personal information and the use of another person's account
  3. 18When a customer under the age is found to be not used after obtaining the permission of the parental authority
  4. Annoying to other customers, and "Web shopIf you have excessive orders that interfere with sales, excessive order cancellations, and similar acts
  5. In addition, if we have made an act of judging that it is inappropriate
  6. Above12Articles15If it falls under the case, the immediate cancellation of all orders and payment methods are limited to the prepayment, ""Web shopThe use of "may be restricted, the account is deleted, and the registration is prohibited.

In the event that a lawsuit is required between the Company and the customer, the court that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company shall be the only co -jurisdiction court.