About ordering products such as one -point items introduced on the homepage, SNS, etc.

You can also order products such as designer SNS, homepages, etc. that are not released on TAMAA Webshop, etc. on webshop, such as "credit card, convenience store payment, Alipay".

This inquiry form or email ecshop@tamaa.me

Please contact us with information on the product you want.
After confirmation, we will inform you of your order method.


  • Member registration is required because it will be sold using the TAMAA Webshop function.
  • You may not be able to place an order for one point sold out or for other reasons.

Please contact us for any questions.

Designer information

T.KUNITOMO Designer Kunitomo Kuni

Mint Neko Designer Mint

Moriguchika designer Moriguchi Karin
HP:https: /moriguchika.com

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