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Mint NEKO Patchwork shirt jacket

Mint NEKO Patchwork shirt jacket

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A thin jacket made by combining various fabrics

A jacket that collects fabrics that are attractive but have no stock enough to be used for mass production, and use partially to make the first clothes.
Due to the complicated process, the design that was refused in ordinary factories was shaped by cooperating with domestic craftsmen.
The sustainability and design of the effective use of the fabric are compatible with Mint Neko.

Shoulder width: about 62cm Bust: Approximately 120cm Length: Approximately 106-113cm Sleeve length: Approximately 54cm Arms: Approximately 60cm Approximately 26cm
100 % polyester
50 % wool, 50 % polyester

* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product.
* Since the product is measured by flat measurement, it is recommended that you purchase it after comparing the size of your item and the product.
* This is a unisex item.
* Depending on your monitor environment, the color of the image may look different from the real thing.
* Except for the shirt jacket, it will be a reference product.

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