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Mint Neko Headphone L/S T -shirt (4 size)

Mint Neko Headphone L/S T -shirt (4 size)

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Long -sleeved T -shirt with abundant size development

A long -sleeved T -shirt printed with cats listening to music.

* The model image is an image (using XL size).


  • XL Size Shoulder width: Approximately 51cm Bust: Approximately 114cm Length: Approximately 72cm Sleeve length: Approximately 64cm Around: Approximately 20-28cm
  • L size shoulder width: about 49cm Bust: Approximately 108cm Length: about 68cm Sleeve length: Approximately 62cm Around: Approximately 40cm Approximately 19-24cm
  • M size Shoulder width: about 45cm Bust: Approximately 102cm Length: about 64cm Sleeve length: Approximately 61cm Approximately arm circumference: Approximately 38cm around the cuffs: about 18-24cm
  • S size shoulder width: about 42cm Bust: Approximately 96cm Length: about 60cm Sleeve length: Approximately 58cm Approximately arm circumference: Approximately 36cm around the cuffs: about 16-22cm

100% cotton

* Except for long -sleeved T -shirts, it will be a reference product.

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