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GOUK morning glory print tops

GOUK morning glory print tops

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A new Japanese collection that expresses on the theme of Hanatori Fugetsu and warm wisdom.
It is a top with a morning glory printed on the neck of the front body.
The morning glory is drawn with two colors, the color of the base and two colors.
The sleeves are large open slits, so you can wear them very cool because they pass through the wind.
You can open the buttons on the cuffs and wear them in a short sleeve, but you can also tighten the buttons and wear them as long -sleeved flare.


Shoulder width: Approximately 43cm Bust: Approximately 110cm Length: Approximately 54-68cm Sleeve length: Approximately 61cm Arms: Approximately 38cm

95%rayon / 5%polyurethane
95%rayon / 5%polyurethane

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