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Moriguchika Sakuranokunino Eron

Moriguchika Sakuranokunino Eron

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An apron attached to Alice visited to the cherry blossom country

A pretty apron made of sheer material.
It is a lolita style key item that leads coordination to fairy tale.
You can adjust the length of the shoulder strap with the button.
Can be worn from above JSK.

Length: Approximately 63cm (from the chest to the hem) width: Approximately 22-90cm Laddle string length: about 68cm (one side) Legal string width: about 2.6cm
100% polyester
100% polyester
100% polyester

* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product.
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* The lace pattern may differ from the image.
* Except for the apron, it will be a reference product.

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