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Moriguchika Saagen Teigaku Pattern Suspender White

Moriguchika Saagen Teigaku Pattern Suspender White

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A camellia flower that blooms in the hearts of people who do not stop walking.
The heart of the human being who lives strongly even if she is sad, is drawn, The original Japanese pattern of Tsubaki with the flower language of "pride". A suspender with a gathering and cute impression using such a Japanese pattern. Because it is rubber, it stretches and contracts. With a design with accents on the shoulder, the compatibility with simple tops is outstanding. * The appearance of the Japanese pattern is different. Length: Approximately 76cm-95cm (not included) * The bottom is a reference product. * Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product. * Since the product is measured by flat measurement, it is recommended that you purchase it after comparing the size of your item and the product.
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