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gouk Japanese Pattern Switching Momonga Haori

gouk Japanese Pattern Switching Momonga Haori

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A dolman sleeve haori with a Japanese pattern switched from the sleeves to the sleeve.

Haori using a lot of fabric so that it can fly.
I use a very light material.
I use rib fabric for the front and cuffs.
It is a mysterious haori that makes you feel the sum just by wearing one.

Shoulder width: Free bust: Free length: about 102cm Sleeve length: Approximately 78cm around cuffs: about 18-28cm
100 % polyester

* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and size may differ slightly.
* Since the product is measured by flat measurement, it is recommended that you purchase it after comparing the size of your item and the product.
* This is a unisex item.
* The appearance of the Japanese pattern is different.
* Depending on your monitor environment, the color of the image may look different from the real thing.
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