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[Ended order] Moriguchika Hanotome's skirt

[Ended order] Moriguchika Hanotome's skirt

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SKU:MGJ34-S008 A/M

Enjoy the Japanese pattern on the entire surface

A short -type skirt using Japanese pattern overall.

* Because it is made to order, it will be shipped around early May.
* The specification of the desired delivery date and time will be invalid.
* If you order a summary with another product, the shipment will be "after all products are available", so if you want to receive other products first, please order separately from the ordered product. I will do it.
* The pattern of the hem lace used is subject to change.
* You can choose one Japanese pattern from 6 types.



A) Invitation of bellflower

B) Invitation of bellflower

C) Staring Tenzu Fox

D) Staring Tenzu Fox

E) Reminiscence of white

F) Reminiscence of white



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