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Moriguchika The Wizard's Tiered Skirt / A

Moriguchika The Wizard's Tiered Skirt / A

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SKU:MGJ37-S017 A/M-A

A magical tiered skirt that spreads softly.
Volume item.
It is a design to enjoy the Japanese pattern of Moriguchika.
The waist is rubber, so it is easy to wear.
An excellent first place that can be accompanied on a traveling journey.

West: Approximately 60-100cm Length: Approximately 75cm
100 % polyester

* Because the photo is a sample, the actual product and the size may differ from the actual product.
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* The appearance of the Japanese pattern is different.
* The first to four of the image has a pannier.
* The color of the photo may vary slightly depending on the monitor environment.
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